Wartales Cheat Engine Table v1.0 +5 Steam Last Updated: 27.04.2022

Author: Array Cheats

Game Info:

Wartales is an open world RPG in which you lead a group of mercenaries in their search for wealth across a massive medieval universe. Explore the world, recruit companions, collect bounties and unravel the secrets of the tombs of the ancients!


    • Weak Enemies
    • Strong Squad
    • Infinite sprint
    • No Squad
    • Super Speed
    • Massive Carrying Capacity
  • + more


These cheats should work for Steam version of Wartales.


How to use this cheat table?

Save your game first!

Wait a few minutes for cheats to activate. Do something related to the cheat first.

Now use them freely.


Please note that it requires the use of Cheat Engine version 7.4 or better before you can load the table.



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