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Array offers world-class technology enabling intelligent applications across all business sectors. We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand, to set challenging goals and objectives for enhancing your business performance through applications of our predictive analytics, machine learning, optimization and on-going automated performance enhancement.

Machine Learning


Array has been developing modeling and simulation tools using big data and machine learning techniques for over 20 years. Starting in the 1990s Array used Artificial Neural Networks for detection of hidden contraband (gun, knives, etc.) in luggage from X-ray images. Array uses Kalman and Particle Filters to estimate the hidden state space models used for tracking ships and submarines on their naval tactical displays, as well as for performing time motion analysis (TMA) (for localizing position and speed of sonar contacts) from only their sonar bearing estimates.

More recently, working with DRDC, Array has developed software tools for Social Network Analysis and Semantic Analysis. This approach used the Latent Semantic Analysis bag-of-words approach to determine the semantic content of text documents. We have successfully completed several projects working with the European Space Agency (ESA), Agriculture Canada, and Natural Resources Canada to develop big data classifiers using Support Vector Machines (SVM) on large data sets of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery. Our software platform will help expert and non-expert users alike to interpret and analyze SAR imagery.

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